1. Before applying for graduation, you should always verify with your academic advisor that you are eligible for graduation at the end of the application term. For more information please visit Apply for Graduation.
  2. Successfully complete all coursework you are enrolled in at UT Dallas during your graduation term.
  3. Make sure you visit the The Office of Graduate Education website.
  4. Review your Primary Name in Orion as it will be used for all Commencement Publications and will appear on your diploma. If you need to make any changes please follow the official Name Change Procedures. Additionally, review and/or update your Home Address in Orion as this address is where your diploma will be mailed after your degree has been awarded.
  5. If you plan on attending the Commencement Ceremonies, please make sure you consult the Commencement page.
  6. Find out how and when you will receive your diploma.
  7. Check your Comet Card UTDollars balance and request a refund at the Comet Center.
  8. Contact the Career Center regarding job resources.