Please Note: For Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, undergraduate course withdrawals will not count towards a student’s 6-withdrawal limit.

Texas Senate Bill no. 1231 mandates that a student who enrolls in a Texas public institution as a first-time freshman in fall 2007 or later, not be allowed to withdraw from more than six courses over his or her entire undergraduate career including all courses taken at any Texas public institution of higher education.

UT Dallas uses the following distinctions when canceling course registration:

  • Drop — officially canceling registration for a class prior to Census Day; no record of the student’s enrollment in the class remains on the transcript.
  • Withdrawal — officially canceling registration for a class after Census Day; a permanent record of the course attempt remains on the student’s transcript.
  • Census Day — the day that official enrollment figures are captured for state reporting each semester (see Academic Calendar for dates).
  • Complete university withdrawal — officially canceling all registration.

The 6-Withdrawals rule applies only to courses from which a student withdraws after Census Day.

If you are subject to this legislation and withdraw from a course, the determination of whether the withdrawal is for academic or non-academic reasons will impact your academic career. Any course(s) withdrawn at another Texas public institution that meets this act’s criteria will also count against the 6-Withdrawals limitation.

Please review the information in the undergraduate catalog concerning non-academic withdrawals.

Academic withdrawals — any withdrawal during the withdrawal period that is not petitioned or a petitioned withdrawal that does not have the committee’s approval as a non-academic withdrawal.

All academic withdrawals at UT Dallas, noted as W, WL, WP or WF on the transcript, will count towards the 6-Withdrawals limitation.

The count also includes withdrawal grades on courses from other Texas public institutions of higher education. Students will be notified of their status of withdrawals prior to the Census Day of each full-term semester.

UT Dallas recognizes courses with separate lecture and lab/discussion/recitation sections listed as co-requisites which will be treated as a single course for purposes of the limitation.

As always, students may drop classes without penalty prior to the 12th class day (Census Day) in any semester.

Non-academic withdrawals are exempt from counting toward the 6-Withdrawals rule. Non-academic withdrawals include withdrawals due to severe illness, death, military duty, work schedule conflict, or good cause. On UT Dallas transcripts, these are noted as WC, WD, WI, WM, and WW.

The count excludes complete withdrawal from all classes for a semester, or complete withdrawal from the university, which is noted as WU on the transcript.

The count also excludes withdrawals from independent or private Texas institutions, out-of-state institutions, and out of country institutions.

Credit hours taken as dual-credit prior to high school graduation are not counted.

You will not be able to withdraw from the course and you will receive a final grade in the course.

The University has an appeal process by which students can request exemption for a specific withdrawal. Students should contact the Director of Academic Advising for more information.